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Watercolor card for Lindy's Stamp Gang

Hi Dear Lindy's friends!

 Today is a new post at Lindy's blog
And I would like to show you how quickly you can make a simple and beautiful card!
The project goes with fun Lindy's stamps and it may be interesting for a child or adult.
For the work you will need Lindy's favorite sprays, some embellishments and your fantasy!

Well ... let's go!

Basic process:
Take a watercolor paper (14x14cm) and cover it with glitter glue.

Use soft round brush and lovely Lindy's sprays like Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Spray,

Open sprays and randomly make blots using the brush.
Let it dry before making next steps.

Cut out the scrapbook paper of a contrasting color base for the card (15x15cm)

Sew the watercolor paper double stitch to the base.

Don't cut thread tails, stick them as a decor.

Take a funny Lindy's stamp Beary Special Gang or any other.

Make hot embossing bear stamp on thick white paper using
  Black Forest Black  embossing powder.

Cut it along the shape.

In order to make a 3D bear stamp, glue it on the card using a small piece of thick cardboard.

Color the chipboard with Black Forest Black embossing powder.

Glue chipboard, stars and other embellishments on the card.

Make blots using white spray Sidewalk Chalk Flat Spray

Wow! Your card is ready!

Some close-ups:

Watch step-by-step video)

Enjoy and have a nice time!

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